Sunday, 14 April 2013

Vegan Cupcakes

While this entry started off being about vegan cupcakes it ended up being more about my new lens optic I've been playing with this week, so there are a lot of photos of these cupcakes.
The cupcakes themselves were made for a friend who has had a bit of a rough week and I wanted to make something for her to help cheer her up. The thing was that she is vegan and I've never baked anything in my life before. I always thought it would be tasteless dry and horrible, and no buttercream!! how was I going to make cupcakes look any good without lashings of buttercream?
When I looked up some vegan cupcake recipes on Pinterest they all looked pretty good. For some reason when I think vegan baking I think of that girl that made the turd like cupcake on New Zealands hottest home baker, major fail!
But to my surprise the cupcake recipe was really simple and I didn't have to go and buy anything special for it and........I found a 'buttercream' recipe! and it tasted really good, (well after I added a bit of cheery oil for flavoring to get rid of the margarine taste). It whipped up beautifully and was so lovely to pipe, keeping it shape well. The cupcakes themselves..... well I won't be changing to a vegan diet anytime soon. While they were a pretty darn good substitute I just found them a bit doughy and didn't have a huge amount of flavor. I would like to try another recipe though, something other than vanilla might have a bit more flavor.
Enjoy all the photos, (there are a million of them).



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